Where It Ignited

Where It Ignited

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

About 6 years ago, when Dani was working with horses out in Utah, this fantastic form of art, wood burning, fell into her lap. You see, each horse had a cute little wood burned name plate hanging over their bridle. That way you would know which to use so you didn't hurt their mouths. When a new horse arrived at the ranch, she was tasked with burning them a new name plate because she was "the artsy wrangler.” We know that a story about learning how to wood burn on a western horse ranch is probably the most cliche thing you will read today, but we promise you it ends well.

To be 100% honest, these did not look very good at first. 

If you have ever given wood burning a try, you will quickly realize it is much more than just freely writing with an insanely hot pen. There is a great amount of skill to pyrography that is not realized until you attempt it for your first try. You need time, PRACTICE, and at least an ounce of artistic ability.

Living out west (we are talking about an isolated desert canyon here) provided Dani an ample amount of time to grow and hone her skills. Her pieces started looking pretty great, and certainly good enough to start handing out as gifts! Free-handing the design was okay, but she knew they could be better.

Lucky for her, she had a graphic designer for a sister.

Brianne started designing at a young age. Took a few graphic arts classes in high school (which no one really seemed that interested in at the time) and decided to major in graphic design in college. Now, with a 4-year degree, a couple internships and years of professional work experience, it was time for these two to join forces.

Over the last 6 years, we gradually worked on more and more projects together. One day it kind of clicked that we should turn this into something bigger.

We had the dream team in place, one sister with a steady hand and insane "stay on top of things" skills and one sister with a Mac and the Adobe Suite and "make sure we breathe" skills.

Now, let's talk about our vision.

From what we've grown up seeing, wood burning usually brings 70's cabin décor to mind. You know the look... shaded pine trees, detailed wolves and cardinals in the snow kind of scenes... It's just not the style we are going for.

We wanted to take this art form, with so much history and beauty, and really breathe new life into it. You could say, we wanted to freshen it up... Each of our modern handmade wood burned designs comes with its own character - whether it be the unique wood grain, beautiful stain color, or other distinguishing characteristicsNo two are exactly alike.

It is so amazing to be doing something that really hasn’t been done before. It's modern, fresh, usable and unique.

We have loved seeing customers reactions to our work & have never felt so rewarded. We will continue to see things in the freshest light and bring you new and exciting art. It feels like we have a new idea every single day!

All our love,
Dani & Bri

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