An American Original

This collection pays homage to the essence of true American craftsmanship, celebrating the spirit of independence and the enduring legacy of small, women-owned businesses handcrafted in the USA.

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Made by Hand

Best known for reimagining the classic vintage motel keychain, Freshwater has continued to evolve what it looks like to handcraft leather goods and acrylic accessories by utilizing purposeful design and thoughtful humor.

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Shop from our beloved keychains, exclusive Augusta items to our personality pet tags, and so much more!

Freshwater owners Brianne Martin and Danielle Harmadi | Freshwater

Our Story

Founded in 2017 by sisters, Dani and Brianne, as a way to create together and save money to travel together, they have built the Freshwater brand to be a loved and recognized brand internationally and on the principle that all curated goods should be well-made, high-quality, and an accessible luxury.