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Here at Freshwater, gifting is our love language and the feeling of totally nailing a gift for your client never gets old. If you are tired of the same old, boring corporate gift options, we hear you and are here to make gifting a breeze!

Custom client gifts for your loyal customers and prospects can feel perplexing, but we are going to give you our fresh take on thoughtful gifts (plus real-life examples!) that are sure to be winners. Let’s dive in!

Let’s break it down by types of client gifts so you can jump right to what you are looking for:

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This may seem like the obvious choice when it comes to custom client gifts, and it does always make an excellent impact! Something essential that is used for daily work-life (like a velvet-lined leather laptop sleeve) proves to be an effective way to remain on your client’s mind and bring a little joy to their day.



Want to show off your gifting skills? Choosing a client gift that speaks to who they are outside of work definitely makes an impact (and a lasting impression!). It’s also so fun to do a little investigation work to find out their quirky interests! Travel-junkie? A personalized passport holder or luggage tag would probably send them to the moon!


Well it may be obvious but we don’t think you should choose between the right gift and a personalized gift, which is why almost everything we make in house can be personalized.

Why Client Gifting is Still Important

Standing out in a digitally-saturated environment can be challenging but is also that much more important to connect with your clients at a sensory level. The value people hold for things they can hold is far higher than that of what they can see, which in turn strengthens your relationship with your client and increases their loyalty to you and your brand. Sending a physical gift might feel like it won’t matter much (which is a totally human assumption!) but studies show that impact is actually a super effective way to show your appreciation. People also love to share socially when they receive things, whether it is in person or via media, leading to more brand recognition and referrals!

Personalized Client Gift Ideas that Never Miss

Want to make some waves with your custom client gift? Telling a cohesive story that is thoughtfully curated will make for an elevated gift experience. Mix and match some of the below options to create a package full of wonderful.


Ubora Coffee | A tasty addition to a thoughtful client gift.

Something tasty.

It's always a great idea to include an item they can taste, like single origin coffee beans, or a fancy chocolate bar. We love the coffee gift set from Ubora, a company local to us in Augusta, GA. 

The terrarium bar at Bedford Greenhouses | personalized client gifts

Something to make the work day bright.

Our Freshwater options for custom desk + office coasters, leather-wrapped notebooks, or velvet-lined leather laptop sleeves pair wonderfully with a desktop plant or mini zen garden kit! We suggest making a stop by your local nursery to support small business when you're able. Our go-to for completing our gift sets is the Terrarium Bar at Bedford Greenhouses- it's a great way to keep a personalized feel by designing the arrangement yourself.

Universal Yums | A great option for personalized client gifts, especially for travel lovers!

Something that leans into their interests.

..and shows off your creativity in the process! You could pair a personalized luggage tag with a Candy of the World monthly club subscription. Universal Yums offers an international snack subscription that comes with trivia & games in each box!

A personalized client gift with a gold monogram.

Add a little personal touch.

Try incorporating a card (handwritten would be wonderful if possible!), a charitable donation in their name supporting something you know they are passionate about, or an elegant gold-foiled monogrammed leather keychain.


How to Choose the Right Client Gift

But how to choose the best combination of winning ideas? Personal, practical and high-quality will deliver the perfect custom client gift. First step will always be getting to know your clients and researching their interests to avoid any gifts feeling less than personal. Sleuthing will help you choose a gift they will actually like and enjoy, which is the whole point! Practical and high-quality goods so they use and love them, telling others, and getting the referrals rolling in. We recommend opting for gender neutral gifts, and being careful to be considerate of their culture and beliefs.

Personalize Your Client Gifts with Freshwater

Now that you probably have some good ideas and direction for your perfect custom client gifts, let us help you seal the deal! Freshwater goods are of the highest quality top-grain leather or premium acrylic. Our customization process is seamless and enjoyable, making it easy to go the extra mile for personalized products. We offer multiple styles of personalization, including laser-engraved, debossed and gold-foiled for leather goods and laser-engraved with your choice of colorfill paint for acrylic goods. We can add simple and elevated monograms to your good of choice or our in-house design team can offer full-custom design-work with a little direction from you about your client! We can personalize almost everything we make- start with this list to make the personal choice the easy choice:

  • Leather-Wrapped Refillable Notebooks
  • Velvet-Lined Leather Laptop Sleeves
  • Boxed Leather Passport Covers
  • Boxed Leather Luggage Tags
  • Leather Golf Scorecard Holder
  • Boxed Leather Golf Bag Tag
  • Boxed Coaster Sets (Stitched Velvet-Lined Leather or Acrylic)
  • Boxed Velvet-Lined Leather Sunglasses Cases
  • Leather Wrapped Tin Premium Coconut-Soy Candles
  • Multiple Shapes and Styles of Keychains (Leather & Acrylic Options)
  • Acrylic Magnets
  • Leather Pennant Flags
  • Boxed Acrylic Ornaments
  • Boxed Beaded Bracelets (Leather & Acrylic Options)

We hope we have set you on the right course towards the perfect, elevated custom client gift. Because they are truly one of the best ways to make a client happy, which is the most important aspect of corporate gifting and one of the most effective ways to keep them as a client. Even the simplest gift with a thoughtful message can completely transform your customer’s experience with your brand.

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