What's in My Bag? | Dani's Takeover

What's in My Bag? | Dani's Takeover
Who doesn't love a classic What's in My Bag post?? We thought it would be fun to highlight our team's go-to items over the next couple of weeks- because peeking into someone's bag can teach you a lot about a person (maybe don't try this out in real life, though 😜

So!  Let's get to know each other a little better – shall we? Here's a quick look into the pretty little things that never leave our side!
First up...  Dani!

That Bag Though

Dani's rosy-toned leather backpack was snagged on a thrift trip to Augusta's local Final Cut.  
Here's what Dani has to say about it: 

"I had been looking for a chic new leather bag for the longest time. I've been drawn to backpacks recently that are stylish and functional because I'm always running errands or catching flights and backpacks are super easy! The super-soft leather is weaved and the bucket style fits all my on-the-go necessities perfectly!"

 Not only is this bag freakin' cute and functional, but it was also scored for a great price.

"It's like this bag was made for me! I love that it's from Final Cut, which is an awesome store that sells Anthropologie and Free People goods for a fantastic deal, and who doesn't love saving money?!"

Heyyy There Mother Earth

Dani is always sure to have a sustainable produce bag within close reach. This item is perfect for quick trips to the grocery store and weekend strolls through the fresh market.  We're hereee for fun/easy ways to help save this beautiful planet! 💪😌💕

The Holy Grail Product

You're in luck – this next product is one Dani absolutely swears by and can be found at your local Target for cheappp (like under $3.00 cheap!)  Palmer's Cocoa Butter ChapStick is her go-to for soft and moisturized lips.  

"I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter ChapStick for YEARS! I absolutely cannot live without it.  I was introduced to this super soft chunky swivel stick by our best friend and travel partner in crime, Kari."

Dani's Freshwater Pick

Because every bag needs a cute accessory! Dani is currently sporting our Mountain Time keychain – perfect for the souls who feel a little more alive in the mountain air ⛰🌛 

Travelin' Time

If you know anything about the Freshwater crew, it's probably the love Dani and Bri share for adventure! Dani's Capital One Venture Credit Card is perfect for alllll the travels and she keeps a few other items in close reach for her on-the-go lifestyle- like her fav pair of Ray-Ban sunnies!

"I swear by Ray Bans without nose pieces so I can hike, go to the beach, and just run around town without them getting stuck in my hair! Seriously such a lifesaver."  

What else does Dani love to have with her when she travels?  Finchberry's silky and light Sweetly Southern Hand Cream.  Even though southern is in the name, it reminds her of the lilacs in her home state of Wisconsin!  She is also sure to have her signature perfume with her as well- Mugler's Angel Eau de Parfum.  

"Angel Eau de Parfum by Mugler has been my signature scent for over 15 years, I don't leave the house without it!" 


Did you love peekin' into Dani's bag as much as we did?! Thanks for sharing, Dani!

All our love, babes!  

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