Mason Jar Hot Chocolate with a Twist : A Cute & Easy Adult Stocking Stuffer Idea

Mason Jar Hot Chocolate with a Twist : A Cute & Easy Adult Stocking Stuffer Idea
It's December, which means it's gift giving seasonnnn! 🤶
This adorable and easy gift idea channels all the cozy goodness of the holidays, and it's good to give to just about anyone.  
Fill one of our Leather Wrapped Mason Jars with these layered hot cocoa ingredients and a mini bottle of Smirnoff's Peppermint Vodka anddd voila!  You've put together a stocking stuffer that's cute af and sure to be a hit.  This DIY is the perfect gift for those hard-to-shop-for friends, and even for the ones that you know best.  With a variety of leather wraps to choose from, we've got something for everyone on your list this year!
Here's how we did it:  

Start by pouring one packet of your favorite hot cocoa mix into the bottom of your mason jar.  *Make sure to take note of the heating instructions written on the packet before throwing it away!*
              Add in a mini bottle of Smirnoff's Peppermint Vodka (which can be found at many liquor stores!).  Twist the base into the hot chocolate mix so that it stands upright 
Layer in chocolate chips and mini marshmallows
Finally, top with crushed candy cane!

Don't forget to include heating instructions!  You can hand-write a tag or even create one for free on websites like (they have some superrr cute templates available). Here's an idea of what your tag could say:
"When ready to drink, remove marshmallows and add in 8 oz of hot water or milk. Stir and add in as much Smirnoff as needed ;) Top with marshmallows and enjoy!"

Slide on your leather wrap (shop the plaid one pictured HERE) and you're all done!  
We love how simple and fun this idea is and hope you give it go!  If you do decide to get crafty this season, be sure to tag us and show us all the cuteness!  


Cheers, baby!  
Bri and Dani 





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