Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers | Freshwater Design Co.

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Let Freshwater Design Co. be your go to for all all things Stocking Stuffers! 


Keychains Galore

Starts at $14

It wouldn't be a Freshwater Design Co. gift guide if we didn't include our keychains! We offer an assortment of designs that are guaranteed to make anyone happy.

Shop Acrylic Keychains | Shop Leather & Velvet Keychains | Shop Leather Loop Keychains


Leather Drink Tags

Only $24

We offer an assortment of Leather Drink Tags that range from our best selling, Drunk Personalities to favorite shows like Friends, Schitt's Creek, and Yellowstone

Shop All Leather Drink Tags


Acrylic Magnets

Only $18

Our new Acrylic Magnets come in a variety of options which include two colorful Smiley Face and a neutral Tortoise patterned design. 

Shop Smiley Face Magnets | Shop Tortoise Magnets


The Good Patches

Only $16

These natural hemp patches are definitely a staff favorite and we carry a variety of options to choose from! A few of our favorites include the Cycle, B12 Awake, and the Hot Flash

Shop The Good Patches 



Only $7.50

We offer a variety of koozies that range from the National Park Lovers to the Groovy Cowgirl fan, and let's not forget about the signature Augusta, GA option!

Shop Koozies


Shower Steamers

Start at $6

These Cleanse Gourmet Steamers are such an easy item to help fill up a stocking and we carry them in five different scents that are guaranteed to please everyone!

Shop Shower Steamers

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