Women-Owned, Sister-Powered, Ready for Business

Women-Owned, Sister-Powered, Ready for Business

Freshwater Design Co. is so excited to announce their grand opening of their Studio + Shop in Downtown Augusta, Georgia. As we celebrate the Studio + Shop, get to know sisters and co-owners, Brianne and Danielle – the brains and beauty behind all things Freshwater!

How excited are you for the grand opening August 5th?

Brianne- So excited, it’s been a long time coming so we’re ready to be finally open to the public!

Danielle- A dream we didn’t know we had until it became a possibility. Now it’s like we’ve had it all along and it can’t get here soon enough!

How would you describe the studio + shop?

Brianne- An open concept, women-owned Studio & Shop, where you can see the process start to finish. The store creates an inclusive experience. It’s different for Augusta to have an open concept studio and shop, there’s nothing like it. Small batch manufacturing, hand crafted, women owned, locally made, it’s a special concept.  

Danielle- It’s everyone’s dream work life, cross over. It’s got a very real creative feel and you can be yourself and enjoy your day instead of sweating through it.

What has been the biggest challenge leading up to the shop opening?

Brianne - No one moves as fast as we do! We're ambitious with our own business so when there's lots of waiting for things to go through, approved or get done, that's frustrating sometimes.

Danielle - Going through the red tape of actually getting things to this point. We had dreams of opening late spring and jumping through the hoops and learning how to do that took a while. There were a lot of learning curves. Shoutout to Rebecca Callis at UGA Small Business Development Center, we’d be like "this is taking forever! Is that normal?" And she’d be like yes, she’d point us in the right direction and it was great.

What is your favorite item we’re selling exclusively in the shop?

Brianne- Turkish Pillows! They’re one of a kind. Super cute, stylish, unique.

Danielle- My most favorite right now is the hand wrapped horseshoes, they are such a casual way to be super cool and show your love for horses.

What is your favorite Freshwater design?

Brianne- Botanical Leaves Leather Wrapped Wheat Travel Tumbler. That is my design aesthetic in a travel mug. It’s my vibe, makes me feel like I’m on a beach.

Danielle- The “My Favorite Book” passport cover.

What have you learned about yourself in the process of becoming a co-owner and opening a brick-and-mortar shop?

Brianne- I’ve gotten a lot more confident in my abilities as a designer and business owner, because I wasn’t the most confident in my work, even in college. Now it’s so engrained, I design what I like and what I feel. I don’t have to worry about people liking it, it’s my business. Being an owner and a designer, you see the process from designing to the product being made (by Danielle), and then seeing a customer come in and purchase it – it’s the most gratifying experience. It’s so surreal - one of the coolest feelings to know that people like your work, products, and get to use it every day.

Danielle- That I’m not super woman and that you really have to learn how to balance work and outside of work. It took panic attacks and break downs to learn those things, and lots of up and down go into being a business owner. You have to take care of yourself and learning how to do that, becoming ok with having a big issue at work and working through it. Everyday you’re going to have that so to know and be ok with that is big.

Where do you hope to see Freshwater in a year?

Brianne- Have the storefront be successful, be in 500 stores including National Park gift shops. We’d like to eventually move into a bigger space or have multiple locations across the country. Have a bigger team of Freshwater girls!  

Danielle- Scouting out places for a double size production facility and turning the studio and shop into a full shop, give people more of what we have to offer and expand our production.


Get to know Brianne and Danielle

Morning Bird or Night Owl?

Both: Night Owl

How do you take your coffee?

Brianne - It’s always a vanilla latte with almond milk and cinnamon on top

Danielle - Iced vanilla latte, with almond milk

Ideal day off?

Brianne - Beach in Mexico

Danielle - Slow morning with coffee and plant watering followed by a hike and a swim in the lake

If you were a Freshwater Keychain which, would you be?

Brianne -Tropical Leaves

Danielle - National Park Lover (coming soon!)

Favorite Vacation Spot?

Danielle - Switzerland

Brianne - Cabo

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