Behind the Collection | Bee Lover Club

Behind the Collection | Bee Lover Club

Hello lovelies!

We are so incredibly excited about our new Bee Lover Collection!  We hope you love the new products as much as we do! 

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In celebration of our new launch, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our heart behind these designs. 

As you may know, pollinators play a huge role in keeping our ecosystems healthy, as most plants and species depend on bees for survival. Unfortunately, the bee population is declining around the world due to environmental changes, pollution and exposure to dangerous pesticides. 

Scary, right?  Reading about this reality got us thinking about what we could do to help. Thankfully, there are awesome non-profits around the U.S. taking action and giving back! The Honeybee Conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit working to save the bees while aiding under-served communities through building bee sanctuaries, growing local food, and educating communities throughout the U.S. 

We love what the Honeybee Conservancy stands for and we’re proud to donate 25% of our Bee Collection sales to such an awesome nonprofit!

Curious about other ways you can help?  We’ve got you covered!  Here are 3 easy ways you can make a difference in the bee community!

1. Buy Local:

Here at Freshwater, we are alllll about supporting local, small businesses!  Buying local honey and beeswax products is an easy way to support your community’s beekeepers!  Our friend, Maria Golubinskiy, at Almas and Co, has some ADORABLE, natural-based products, like Bees Wax Food Wraps and Seed Bombs (that grow flowers when you throw them!!!) at a super affordable price. Even better, 50% of her proceeds are donated to a local bee farm in Georgia. You can visit her Etsy shop and Insta to see all the cute things!

2. Donate:

Donating is a great option for those of you that don’t have time to plant/care for a bee garden!  (Although if you are able to do this, you GO girl!)  The Honeybee Conservancy, for example, gifts native bees and honeybees to community gardens all across the U.S. through its “Sponsor a Hive" program.  We’d encourage you to research and find an organization that you love and want to support!  We totally understand that donating isn’t a possibility for everyone, and that’s why we’re so excited about this launch.  Buying a Bee Lover key chain, bracelet, tee, hat or sticker is an affordable and super cute way to raise awareness and show support!

3. Volunteer

Sometimes a helping hand is all someone needs!  If you have a bee farm in your area and are interested in learning more about the beekeeping process, consider calling to see if they need a few extra hands.  It could lead to a fun and impactful weekend with your friends! 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of our Bee Lover Collection!  Let’s better this world, one bee at a time.

Already have a Bee Lover product?  We wanna see it!  Make sure to tag us on Instagram and hashtag #BeeLoverClub so we can see all the cuteness!

All our Love,
Bri and Dani

Written by: Molly Coats

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